Myprogress training videos

Watching these videos will enable students and mentors to work with the Myprogress platform both on the tablet and computer-based versions. 

Myprogress has the following platforms available for use.

  • A tablet-based app accessed via the student's tablet.
  • A student-owned computer / web-based platform.
  • A mentor-owned computer / web-based platform.
  • A personal tutor-owned computer / web-based platform.

Please watch the training videos below.  You can find further guides at the bottom of this page.

Assessment journey on Myprogress

Myprogress mentor account

Completing students' assessments on the Myprogress web based account

Saving an assessment as a draft on the Myprogress web based account

Registration of mentor on the tablet

Saving draft on the tablet

Myprogress guides

The guides below show you how to use the Myprogress platform and take you through common tasks step by step.

Myprogress Student Guide

Myprogress Mentor Guide

Myprogress Mobile Guide

Access guide to completing an assessment on Myprogress

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