ARU Certificate for Professional Development

ARU Certificate for Professional Development (ARUCPD) is a unique, optional course, that you study alongside your degree. But why take on extra work on top of your normal degree?

Offered exclusively to students in the Faculty of Business and Law, ARUCPD can help you be work-ready with skills employers seek when you graduate. You'll add invaluable benefit to your CV by being able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills you've gained during your degree through ARUCPD and stand out from the competition with ARUCPD modules on your transcript.

It's also a great conversation starter with potential employers to showcase your critical reasoning and leadership skills, highlight the achievements you've made or projects you've completed as part of your modules, and articulate how you've managed your time and workload whilst also succeeding in your main degree.

Taking the time for extra-curricular study and activities like ARUCPD helps you with:

  • improved employability when you graduate
  • improved breadth of knowledge outside your chosen subject
  • increased technical and baseline skills
  • wider avenues for networking and creating connections you'll need in the future
  • improved leadership and teamworking in a multi-cultural community
  • developing skills to not just get the job, but to be ready in the workplace

Plus, ARUCPD is free is if you're studying with us in the Faculty of Business and Law. For each ARUCPD module you pass, you'll be awarded 15 additional credits which then appear on your final degree transcript to help support your employability narrative. When you pass 4 modules (i.e. 60 credits), you'll receive a standalone ARUCPD certificate in addition to your degree certificate and transcript. More importantly than any credits or certificates, you will get the chance to learn and practise things like project management and working in teams, pitching, negotiating etc - those on the job skills that you can use when you start your graduate career.

ARUCPD modules are not linked to your degree and you can choose each one you take, tailoring your choices to those you feel will most benefit you in the future or just because they sound the most fun or interesting.

The modules are split into 3 categories, to help you choose a module depending on your learning style: tutor-led, student-led or flexible/independent learning. are classed can be studied in three different ways, depending on your learning style; tutor-led, student-led or flexible/independent learning. Each one will refine your leadership skills, build your critical reasoning and because you'll work with others students from all years and subjects, you'll also make new friends and connections.

What can you study

Here are some examples of some of the modules you can choose from:

  • Become a Microsoft Digital Specialist - one of the most-flexible modules to fit around your students, where you independently learn essential digital skills
  • Mooting - develop your oral argument, public speaking, presenting and legal research skills, with the chance to enter national competitions
  • Negotiation - develop your existing abilities as a negotiator, enhancing your proficiency in a range of general, specific and professional negotiation skills
  • Enterprise Challenge - work with other students as a board of directors and compete in a national competition to showcase and enhance your business skills
  • Powerful Pitching - learn ideation, value creation, creativity and teamwork and put your pitching skills into practice
  • Additional Credit for Professional Development - build knowledge in another subject by taking an academic subject from a different degree
  • Representation in Higher Education - champion the views and interests of your fellow students as an amazing student representative, leading communications and change in your academic journey
  • Project Leadership and Development - lead in the design, development and delivery of key strategic projects that support students, increase engagement, improve learning experience or provide extra-curricular opportunities for the Faculty of Business and Law
  • Peer Assisted Learning - lead informal study groups with students at the beginning of their undergraduate studies and develop your public speaking, facilitation, communication and teamwork skills
  • Next Generation Entrepreneurs - learn everything you need to support your entrepreneurial aspirations, from understanding the responsibilities of entrepreneurship to figuring out the operational aspects of your future business. And then put your knowledge into practice by pitching your business idea!
  • Legal Skills in Practice - volunteer at our award-winning Law Clinic and gain essential legal skills
  • Become a Social Media Marketing Professional - learn the basics of social media marketing. Social media is (literally) the most influential and important virtual space - essential not only for networking but also for digitally advertising your brand, product, events and even yourself
  • Project Management Fundamentals - look at the basics of project management and develop your understanding and ability to coordinate and lead projects from start to finish in an efficient and effective way
  • Systems Thinking Skills for Leadership and Management - this module will help you develop a new way of thinking - systems thing, one of the key management competencies for the 21st century. We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times (VUCA) and the pace of change in our world increases from day to day. Issues we face in our professional and personal lives are becoming more and more complex and systems thinking is the only way to deal with them efficiently.

All modules are subject to availability and some may not be available in certain trimesters.

Got a few questions?

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