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Zoology student Liv

Faculty:Science and Engineering

School:Life Sciences

Course: BSc (Hons) Zoology

Hi, I’m Liv and I am in my third and final year of studying zoology at the Cambridge campus. I have lived in both student accommodation and a private rented student house. Moving away from home was not easy, but meeting lovely new friends as well as supportive staff made the transition significantly smoother.

Although it’s cliché, university has been the best years of my life. The independence, knowledge and friends gained are irreplaceable. It also helps that Cambridge one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in the world! The lecturers at ARU inspire me daily and have aided the growth of my confidence extensively.

In the future, I eventually want to study for my PhD. I’d love to focus on elephant conservation in my career, but right now I enjoy falling in love with a new aspect of zoology each semester. In these blog posts I will write about my university experiences, which will hopefully be of value to you.

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5 August 2020

It is safe to say that digital learning took universities, lecturers and students across the UK by storm. Luckily, ARU has plenty of online resources available, such as the online library, lecture notes and videos on canvas. This, as well as the no detriment policy… Read more…


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