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MSc Applied Bioscience student Emily

Faculty:Science and Engineering

School:Life Sciences

Course: MSc Applied Bioscience

Hi I’m Emily and I’m originally from Kent. I’m currently studying an MSc in Applied Bioscience on ARU’s Cambridge campus and I studied Medical Science for my undergraduate at ARU’s Chelmsford campus. Therefore, I have been fortunate enough to live on and experience both campuses and their surrounding cities.

My main areas of interest are genetics and cancer; however, I also have a love for researching new advances in medicine/healthcare and emerging global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why I chose to study Applied Bioscience as the course mainly focuses on genetics and laboratory skills. My undergraduate course on the other hand, included a wide variety of scientific topics and disciplines such as pharmacology and nutrition, which really helped me understand my strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest.

Since studying at ARU, in my spare time I work for ARU temps as a Student Ambassador. The Student Ambassador scheme has not only given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, but it has also helped me gain valuable life skills. I have had the chance to work a wide range of jobs, from delivering my own lab or science sessions to talking to prospective students about my experience at university and showing them two of ARU’s impressive campuses. It has been an honour to help prospective students, even if they decide ARU isn’t the right choice for them.

I hope that my blog pieces not only give you an idea of postgraduate life at ARU, but also an insight into student life in general.


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2 June 2021

Like the majority of prospective students do when looking at different university courses, I looked at what modules each course offered, and what each module involved (if you haven’t done this, please do!). Read more…

18 May 2021

Throughout my time studying Medical Science at ARU, I would get asked what course I was studying and, after answering, more often than not it would be followed up with a question along the lines of ‘So what can you do career wise with that?’ Read more…

12 April 2021

Amidst the uncertainty of coronavirus, writing a dissertation and coming to the realisation that my undergraduate course in Medical Science was coming to an end, I had an important decision to make. What would I do after graduation? Read more…


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