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Media Studies student Ciéra

Faculty:Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:School of Creative Industries

Course: BA (Hons) Media Studies

I am a BA (Hons) Media Studies student with a passion for writing. I studied my A-levels at Dereham Sixth Form College and that’s where I discovered my passion for Media Studies.

My objective is to make the most of my time at ARU. I have been a Course Rep, the 2020/21 President & Editor-in-Chief of The Ruskin Journal at Anglia Ruskin University, and I am also a blog writer for OGMA POST. My highlight of ARU so far is when the RJ received a shortlisted nomination in the 2020 NSVAs (National Societies & Volunteering Awards). I am so proud of this.

Studying media has opened so many doors for me and it has helped me feel more confident in putting my work out there. As a creative person it can sometimes be difficult to know which direction to go in, but taking Media Studies as a degree has shown me that it’s alright to enjoy and make the most out of being able to do an assortment of works.

You can read my blogs to see all about my achievements and experience gathered throughout my time at ARU as well as what day-to-day life is like for a Media Studies student. Enjoy!

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8 August 2022

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you are about to begin your Anglia Ruskin journey and make the big move. Moving away to somewhere new can be scary, but, also very exciting. You have so many new opportunities, people and places ahead of you! Read more…

30 March 2022

Media is a broad subject, and so it can be hard to know where you want to go with your degree. Here are five potential careers that link to this degree, that you might not have considered. Read more…

8 March 2022

Media, as a subject, encompasses an incredibly wide range of topics. Due to this broadness studying it at a degree level means you'll require a variety of resources when producing work for classes. Here are some of them. Read more…

14 October 2021

We’ve all had those days which feel absolutely jam-packed, or anticipate such a day arising the night before. At times like those, I swear just thinking about the busy time to come makes me feel tired. However, there are some things which we can do to make days like those a little easier. Read more…

5 August 2021

I remember my move-in day as if it were only yesterday. The excitement, the slight fear, the things that I did right and where I could have improved. These are the tips that I would share with anyone who is moving into housing or student accommodation this September. Read more…


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