Seven things not to say to a psychology student


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Psychology
Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology
Category: Psychology

7 July 2017

Psychology has recently become one of the most popular subjects to study in English universities. However, this sudden rise has inevitably led to many misconceptions about the course. Here are seven of them.

Can you read my mind? What am I thinking right now?

Remember this is the study of human behaviour, rather than learning magical mind-reading powers.

I bet you love Freud!

Ah yes, the most often-cited psychologist. Just remember guys – there are thousands of other psychologists out there.

Analyse me!

Firstly, our studies are not just looking at someone and analysing them; and secondly, do you definitely want to hear what we might say about you? *Winking face*

Oh, I'm a psychologist’s dream patient!

That’s not something to brag about! We study some severe conditions and some very specialised cases.

Mates' rates on therapy when you're qualified?

Psychology requires a lot of investment of both both time and money, so mates' rates are definitely out once I'm qualified!

That’s a bit of a girlie degree

What's girlie about science? We might not wear white coats but psychology is a science.

So this study on the TV has shown that...

We’ve studied enough statistics to know that it probably uses a bias sample or is interpreted in a skewed way.


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