Money saving tips


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1 June 2017

Here are my top tips for saving money.

Budget: Create a weekly, monthly and yearly budget that will ensure you can afford the essentials each week.

Meal Plan: This makes your weekly shop much cheaper. 

Treats: Make allowances in the budget for treat purchases/days this will ensure you will be able to enjoy them guilt free. 

Big expenses: Such as car insurance need to be factored in to your budget. Consider paying the bill in full rather than monthly as this is usually cheaper. Websites such as Health Service Discounts offer discounts for NHS workers.  

Cook together: If you live in halls, sharing the cost of a meal with flat mates can save you huge amounts of money. Those with a family can benefit from batch cooking and freezing meals to save money.  I to use like the Food Network website for batch cooking ideas.

Council Tax: Being a full-time student entitles you to a reduction in your council tax bill, make the most of these savings. 

Part time work:Working part time is only achievable if the job is flexible. Look for work that involves holiday or sickness cover, or work bank as a health care assistant. The Employment Bureau at the university offers ad hoc work for various university events, you can register for work once you have started your course. 

Microsoft Office: No need to buy an expensive Microsoft package as you can access the universities Microsoft Office package from a remote desktop at home.
Student Card: Make the most of your student card, it offers significant percentages off many highstreets retailers and restaurants.

I hope you find this helpful!


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