Money Saving Tips


Faculty: Business and Law
Category: Business

16 April 2018


Looking after your money is one of the first things you should learn when coming to uni.

First things first, asses how much you have or how much you think you’ll be getting in a particular month, remember to add in any money you may get from your family, as bursaries/grants and as part of your loan. 

Secondly, how much do you think you’ll be spending in a month? Write down a list of everything you think you might be spending on. To make sure you don’t forget anything, try thinking of everything you use from the minute you wake up. Then do every item you use each week, then finally things you use each month. This will make sure you cover most of what you need. If you have a limited budget I suggest prioritizing your necessities first. These steps are just there to help you prepare a budget. Try and stick to it. 

Thirdly, look for bargains like 2 for 1 deals. Spar and Tesco usually have weekly deals so keep your eye out for them. The NUS Extra Card also gives you discounts on many items such as 50% off Spotify, discounts at superdrug and ASOS plus various other places. Remember to also take your student ID with you for places that offer student discounts. 

If you have a light schedule try picking up a part time job. It’s a nice way to earn some extra cash to help you out. Not only will it help you out financially but it is a nice way to get some work experience before you graduate. You will also have a chance to meet a lot of new people. 

You can also get specialist, impartial advice from the ARU Money Advice Service.


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