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Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Category: Allied and public health

11 January 2018

Paramedic Science student Tom

I live in the Student Village in Chelmsford whilst studying BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science, and I am currently a Residential Assistant there. It's a role I love.

For me, the best thing about living and working in the Student Village here in Chelmsford is the distance to the local amenities. The city centre is under ten minutes away meaning that when you want to go shopping, unlike other unis you don’t have to think about transport. Another good thing about the accommodation, is the sense of community and how all students interact with one another.

My job as an RA is really exciting. In brief, at the beginning of a shift I meet the people in the office and collect a bag with the keys to the village in and the work phone. From that moment till the next morning I am responsible for the village and deal with issues such as fire alarms, lockouts and more!

As an RA we can assist students in signposting them to the many University support networks such as the Students' Union, Chaplaincy, Wellbeing and Counselling and more. We undertake a whole week's worth of training so we fully know what services are available to our students.

I don’t enjoy being an RA – I love it! I’ve been an RA since I started at ARU and it has given me so many opportunities such as situational awareness, conflict resolution, how to deal with complaints, and how to deal with challenging situations – all of which have aided me both on a personal level and also benefited me on my course. And another reason why I love being an RA is because of the team, from the other RAs through to the people in the office, we are like one massive family and always have a laugh!

For me it’s quite difficult to recall what it was like to move in to halls as it was many years ago now. However I do remember the excitement of finally being away from home, being able to live my life how I wanted with increased freedom, and having that ability to look after myself. All I would say is, if you’re worried about moving away from home, as RAs we’re here for you. If you feel lonely or don’t feel as if you’re fitting in, or even if you're just a bit homesick: come and have a chat with one of us :)

Tom Weeks


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