What makes ARU a home away from home?


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies
Category: Education

11 March 2019

I am originally from London, so Cambridge is not far on the train. Even though commuting was an option, I felt that in order to get the full experience I wanted, living close to the campus was the best option for me.

I moved to Cambridge with my boyfriend at the time and instead of searching for student halls I decided to opt for private renting as that’s what I’m used to. ARU also have Housing Fairs which get you connected with local renting companies to get the best deal that suits your situation. They even run competitions to win prizes such as agency fee coupons. This made me feel comforted that they didn’t ignore my situation as a student.

However, renting situations do not always go to plan, but I was reassured by the Students Union and Student Services that everything will be sorted out, and they were right. They listened and helped me find the right people to contact so I could get the best out of a bad situation. And now my living situation is great.

I also felt like the clubs and societies run in the university help to build a community which lessens the feeling of loneliness that can sometimes come from moving far away. The societies are affordable and fun, with events going on almost every fortnight or more.

The programmes that student services run are excellent for when you feel like you need extra support. One great programme they run is Art Therapy, a six-week meeting to paint, make collages or draw with a small group of people that are also experiences similar feelings. This is nice because it just gives you a little heads up that everyone is in the same boat and that it is okay to be feeling a certain way.

Throughout my time at university I have got involved more and more. Every little thing I do feels like it’s going towards something bigger, whether that’s networking, making friends, or making money. ARU has been able to help me get through some of the most stressful times and I am proud to have made ARU Cambridge my home.


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