Policing: Policing Institute for the Eastern Region PhD project opportunities

Find out more about self-funded PhD projects in areas where we already have supervisors active and engaged in the research topic in our Policing Institute for the Eastern Region (PIER).

Technologies of crime, policing and surveillance

Supervisory team

Project outline

This social science interdisciplinary research theme draws together supervisory expertise from Criminology and Sociology. Projects may also involve colleagues in Forensics and Data Science. We welcome postgraduate researchers interested in the application of science, technology, and technique to policing. Potential topics include:

  • the social and political dimensions of forensics
  • digital crime
  • computing and policing including data management and predictive systems
  • risk and offender management
  • investigatory techniques

Where you'll study


This project is self-funded.

Details of studentships for which funding is available are selected by a competitive process and are advertised on our jobs website as they become available.

Next steps

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