Labour History Research Unit research

The Labour History Research Unit gained its first external grant in 2008, when The British Academy awarded funding to Professor John Shepherd for his research on 'The British Winter of Discontent, 1978-79'.

This project was based on a range of archival sources (including recently released Cabinet papers) and interviews with key witnesses (politicians, policy advisors, trade unionists and journalists) and, following a successful conference, was published by Manchester University Press.

Since then, we have gone on to host a range of events, including Blue Labour and Labour History with Maurice Glasman, an evening with Roy Hattersley and a conference on Labour and the First World War, as well as producing publications such as Dr Richard Carr's One Nation Britain and conducting various polls on the direction of the current Labour Party.

We are also conducting research into Labour Party renewal, including a response to the 2019 Labour Election Review; the Cambridge Miners' Support Group, which has so far led to a witness evening and a commemorative brochure; and also organised CamVote100, a series of events to celebrate 100 years of the Women's Vote in Cambridge in 2018.  Both of these projects are led by Professor Mary Joannou.


Postgraduate research and other enquiries

The Labour History Research Unit welcomes enquiries from prospective PhD and MPhil research students, as well as people interested in participating in different aspects of our activities.

For more information please contact Dr Jonathan Davis or Dr Rohan McWilliam.