BA (Hons) Fashion Design recommended materials

Here is a list of recommended tools and books you will need as you start your course. You will use most of these throughout your degree and beyond graduation. All the books recommended for your course throughout your degree are available in the University library.

Suggested sources: Morplan / Amazon (Student discounts available)

Product Description Approx. cost (subject to change)
Pattern Master (metric) A ruler used for pattern cutting and adding seam allowance £23.95
Tape Measure Measuring £0.99
1 meter rule For pattern cutting large patterns (Perspex) £18.95
Tracing wheel Re-patterning - tracing patterns £9.25
Varyform Curve Pattern drafting £14.95
Graders Set square Pattern drafting £15.95
French curves Pattern drafting (set) £3.59
Flexicurve Pattern drafting £6.95
Tailors chalk For marking out patterns onto fabric (box of 50) £9.25
Awl Used to make holes and pattern manipulation £2.79
Pattern Notcher Mark notches in patterns/blocks £19.95
Pattern drill Creates neat, 4mm dart holes £8.95
Pins Pinning for toiling, during manufacture £4.50
Pin Cushion Manufacturing of garments £4.35
Stitch unpicker Unpicking stitches £0.89
Tailor shears Fabric use only (Wilkinson 25 cm) £42.95
General purpose scissors and small scissors General use and manufacturing - as a pack £12.50
Propelling pencil (2H,0.5mm leads) Pattern drafting/technical drawing/illustration £2.41
Pencils HB, 2B Drawing (pack of 12) £1.29
Coloured pencils Drawing/illustration (as a set) £10.75
Mapac Clear Project Bag A3 Clear plastic folio for transporting patterns and other work to studio and to submit work £2.99
Masking Tape Pattern cutting manipulation £1.09
Fine Tipped Pens Technical drawing and fashion illustration, e.g. Pilot box of 12 (or buy as a single item) £22.95 (box of 12)
Eraser Technical drawing and fashion illustration £0.79
Pritt stick glue General use £1.39
Scalpel / craft knife General use £2.09
Hand sewing needles General use £0.69