Call for expressions of interest

Following the enthusiasm and success of the Ruskin Module Trailblazer Day (June 2019) and The Next Steps workshops (September and October 2019) we are always keen to receive Expressions of Interest in Ruskin modules. 

In the ongoing development of our set of Ruskin modules we are inviting expressions of interest from colleagues who would like to:

Next steps

The process of proposal, approval and design of a Ruskin module idea is mapped in a  flow chart.

Proposed Ruskin modules will be published to the Ruskin module hub to enable colleagues wishing to collaborate in the interdisciplinary team to indicate their interest. It is anticipated that there are likely to be overlapping themes for Ruskin modules proposed, for which we may suggest interdisciplinary collaborations.

Ruskin module collaboration and co-creation workshops (The Next Steps) will run throughout the duration of the call to facilitate the maturation of ideas from Expressions of Interest to Module Definition Forms (MDF). Ruskin module proposal teams will be invited to submit MDFs to the Approval Panel for Ruskin Modules (APRM) to approve the curriculum.

A set of curriculum-approved Ruskin modules will be collated to enable faculty / service management to consider resource planning in order to identify the Ruskin modules that can be developed further and delivered (FAQs). Anglia Learning and Teaching will support these Ruskin module teams to develop interdisciplinary activities and instantiate the module curriculum.

Calls for Expressions of Interest in future academic years, where the Ruskin module offering is apparent, will require proposals to be approved by faculty / service / institute management prior to submission.

For preliminary guidance on the suitability of the subject to be developed as a Ruskin module, please email the Institutional Lead for Ruskin Modules, Elaine Brown.