Questionmark OnDemand

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Questionmark OnDemand (QMOD) is the cloud-hosted version of the market-leading online quiz platform.

It provides the opportunity for online assessment using multiple choice and a variety of other quiz-type questions.


In December 2016, ARU decided to migrate our previous Questionmark Perception provision to the Questionmark OnDemand service during the early part of Semester 2 of the Academic Year 2016/17. The transfer to the OnDemand system was completed in April 2017, and we rolled over delivery of high stakes summative online quiz-based assessments to the OnDemand service.

Quizzing in Canvas LMS

Questionmark OnDemand can be delivered for high stakes summative assessment through Canvas via an LTI integration. Please speak with your Faculty Learning Technologist or contact Anglia Learning & Teaching for more information.

Our new Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, also holds a built-in quiz tool. The current version of this is Canvas Quiz – but we also have access to the Beta version of its replacement, Quizzes.Next. Quizzes.Nexr will fully replace Canvas Quiz when it has reached feature parity – but we will have plenty of warning to migrate existing quizzes over before Canvas Quiz is turned off by Instructure. We are currently using Canvas Quiz for formative quiz-based assessment and for low stakes assessment activity (an assessment contributing 25% or more of the overall assessment for a module). We are carrying out LMS Steering Group-approved pilots of Quizzes.Next and higher stakes activities in preparation to move over to Canvas as the primary assessment portal for students.

Need help?

Questionmark provides a range of resources that you might find useful for general information about the platform. However, be aware that these resources do not cover the specifics of running a quiz within ARU and are no substitute for discussing your requirements, in advance, with your Faculty Learning Technologist or Kate Outhwaite, Learning Technology Specialist, Anglia Learning & Teaching.


Issues in Good Multiple-Choice Question Design workshop

This session reviews the major issues relevant to good MCQ question design, highlighting the common pitfalls that can occur. We explore the traditional MCQ question structure and offer some alternative approaches that you may wish to consider.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact us.

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