5, 10 and 15 minutes of digital literacy

Man sitting behind a laptop

Develop your digital literacy skills in just five, ten or fifteen minutes a day.

5/10/15 minutes of digital literacy is a short and sweet learning resource on Canvas (login required) which focuses on one of the five areas of our Digital Literacy Framework and covers competencies within each of these areas.

The five areas of the Digital Literacy Framework are:

  1. Finding, using and managing information
  2. Working in the digital age
  3. Creating digital content
  4. Digital responsibilities
  5. Problem solving in the digital world.

You can join the course at any time and work at your own pace.

We recommend that you complete the Digital Literacy Barometer so that you can find out which level of the MoDL courses you should attempt first.

5 Minutes of Digital Literacy (5MoDL) includes 25 blog posts, each with an activity. Each post and activity should take no more than five minutes. Participants earn a digital badge if they complete all five tasks for each topic, which they can add to their LinkedIn profile and/or CV as well as share on social media platforms. Join here

10 Minutes of Digital Literacy (10MoDL) is an intermediate level course that goes a little further than 5MoDL. It is aimed at staff who feel fairly confident with technology, who would like to add to their understanding and potential use of technologies to support learning and teaching. Participants earn a digital badge if they complete all tasks within each week, which can be added to their LinkedIn profile and/or CV. Join here

15 Minutes of Digital Literacy (15MoDL) is aimed at people who have a good grounding in digital literacy and goes further than 10MoDL. Attendees will be introduced to new technologies and/or familiar technologies but at a more advanced than the previous Minutes of Digital Literacy courses. We have also used Open Education Resources in some of the posts to give attendees a chance to enjoy some beautifully crafted resources that will hopefully lead them to share with colleagues and students. Join here