3rd Wednesday Webinars

Our 3rd Wednesday Webinars are online seminars of an hour using the online conferencing system, Adobe Connect. 

All webinars can help you build evidence you need for Anglia Ruskin and Higher Education Academy Fellowships.

Contact us if you'd like to suggest or lead a webinar.

Upcoming 3rd Wednesday webinars

For forthcoming webinars, visit CPD Opportunities.

Previous 3rd Wednesday webinars

Please watch our previous webinars by clicking on the links below.

The learning and teaching of ARU accessibility
Dr Linda Brown and Student Services (20 May 2020)

Mending the gaps - diversification in the curriculum
Dr Julian Priddle (18 February)

A fair deal - ensuring consistency in student assessment
Dr James Trueman (20 November 2019)

Developing a claim for senior/principal fellowship of the HEA
Dr Jaki Lilly (23 October 2019)

Accessible materials for students
Dr Jennifer George (21 November 2018)

Applying for senior or principal fellowship of the Higher Education Academy
Dr Jaki Lilly (17 October 2018)

Students as partners
Jamie Smith and Dr Julian Priddle (18 April 2018)

Active curriculum
Dr Adam Longcroft (21 March 2018)

Copyright and the LMS
Jason Williams and Katy Humphreys (17 May 2017)

Poll Everywhere
Dr James Trueman (15 March 2017)

Re-conceptualising feedback and re-working feedback practices
Dr Erica Morris (16 November 2016)

Anglia Professional Recognition Scheme (APRS)
Dr Jaki Lilly (19 October 2016)

How to run a webinar using Adobe Connect
Uwe Richter (21 September 2016)

Teaching review update
Dr Jaki Lilly (30 September 2016)

Marking matters: Exploring consistency and fairness in student assessment
Dr Erica Morris (20 April 2016)

24/7 CPD – Using social media for learning, listening and leadership
Eric Stoller (16 March 2016)

Introducing Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT)
Dr Jennifer George (16 December 2015)

Academic honesty and academic integrity – 7 things we need to know
Dr Erica Morris (18 November 2015)

Anglia Professional Recognition Scheme (APRS) – Making a claim
Dr Jaki Lilly (21 October 2015)

Creating accessible documents (introduction)
Dr Jennifer George (16 September 2015)

Introduction to producing online multiple choice-style quizzes using Questionmark Perception (QMP)
Kate Outhwaite (15 April 2015)

Using wikis in the VLE for assessment
Matt East (18 March 2015)

Making a claim for senior or principal fellowship of the HEA
Dr Jaki Lilly (18 February 2015)