Stéphanie Jacometti

Communications Officer

Location: Cambridge

Research Supervision:Yes

Stéphanie is Communications Officer at Anglia Learning & Teaching. Her work focuses on communications, social media, marketing, website, events, design, branding and the monthly newsletter.
01223 698 787


Stéphanie is Communications Officer at Anglia Learning & Teaching. She is responsible for the development and management of Anglia Learning & Teaching’s communications and marketing campaigns.

After undertaking a BSc (Hons) in Management & Systems, City University, Stéphanie worked at JP Morgan Chase as assistant to the European Head of FX eCommerce and Prime Brokerage.

She then shifted her focus to sustainability and academia, working as communications officer at the World Energy Council and InterAcademy Council. In order to learn more about sustainability, Stéphanie undertook a MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College. She then worked as Administration and Marketing Partner at Jacometti Associates, a consultancy focused resilience and trilateral collaboration between government, business and civil society.


MSc Environmental Technology
BSc (Hons) Management & Systems

Selected recent publications

Jacometti, S. and Jacometti, J. 2012. Future of Mobility in a Resource-Constrained World: An Overview and Solutions. In: O.R. Inderwildi and D.A. King, ed. 2012. Energy, Transport & the Environment. London: Springer Scientific. 135–142