Mark Warnes

Research Fellow

Location: Cambridge

Research Supervision:Yes

Mark is Research Fellow at Anglia Learning & Teaching. He carries out individual and collaborative research and/or evaluation projects that are relevant to the successful implementation of our Education Strategy.
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Mark contributes to the evaluation of Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) initiatives and projects in collaboration with AL&T colleagues. He works with Faculty Academic Leads on the development and sharing of evidence-informed LTA practice. Mark also identifies good teaching practice, interviews exponents of good teaching practice, and disseminates this information via the Good Teaching Exchange.

He undertakes analysis of the impact of LTA activities and their alignment with our Education Strategy, including Classroom Capture, Team-Based Learning, and use of Poll Everywhere. Mark is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, using innovative and creative research design. He reports on data analysis, interprets findings and writes reports, disseminating these through appropriate internal and external channels. He currently manages the Learning and Teaching Project Awards scheme and the Pedagogic Research Directory. Mark also delivers our popular online course Ten Days of Twitter.

Previously, Mark worked as a part-time lecturer at Cambridge Regional College teaching sociology and at Anglia Ruskin University teaching sociology and social research methods.

Research interests

Learning & Teaching
Equality & Diversity
Threshold Concepts



MA Learning and Teaching
BA (Hons) Politics and Sociology
Fellow of the HEA

Selected recent publications

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