New monthly webinar series on Employability in Practice

Published: 20 September 2019 at 13:37

A new monthly webinar series called ‘Employability in Practice’ will explore key themes for integrating employability through active learning. A different Academic Lead for Employability will host the 50-minute session on the last Tuesday of the month throughout the year.

The series is for all academic colleagues who teach and will explore ways of engaging students in the curriculum that help to develop their professional identities and capabilities. Each webinar will begin with an introduction to the topic followed by a discussion about what it means in practice for ARU colleagues to take an integrated approach to developing our students’ employability. Participants will be able to share their practice, ideas and questions for clarification and hear from peers.
Andrew Middleton, Deputy Head of Anglia Learning & Teaching, hosted the first webinar in September with the question, ‘Why Graduate Capitals?’  He explained what the Anglia Ruskin Graduate Capitals are, how they work together as a framework for supporting student-centred active learning, and the opportunities and challenges of this experience-focused approach.

Andrew, who leads on the integrating employability through the curriculum, says: 

“In the first webinar we explored the idea of integrated employability and how teaching methods and learning activities can lead to ‘employability mindsets.’ We know that using authentic ‘real world’ examples of problems and practices can heighten the relevance of academic knowledge and students’ engagement with their learning but it’s also an opportunity for them to develop knowledge about themselves and learn how to demonstrate their skills. This enables us to teach the students the skills they need and gives them the opportunities to increase their employability while they are learning their subject.” 

In the second webinar in the series on Tuesday 29 October, Liam Kite, Academic Lead for Employability, (S&E) will explore why we need to engage students in developing their employability from day one and how we, as academics, help them to achieve this. Liam will share what he has found out from academics across the University and is interested in hearing more in the lead up to the webinar about the strategies and messages course teams use in Welcome Week and induction activities. This webinar will provide academic staff with an opportunity to share some thoughts, questions, and approaches. Book online to receive the joining details. 

Further Employability in Practice webinars running throughout Trimester 1 will address: making integrated employability and the Anglia Ruskin Graduate Capital explicit to your learners; employability through transition - from induction to graduation and beyond; work-related learning and the incorporation of Live Projects; creativity as an outcome for all students; the benefits of placement practices and their integration in the curriculum; lifewide learning; engaging alumni as mentors; professional development planning and e-portfolios.

To find out more about each session visit Upcoming Events and book via Business World