Monthly update July 2017

Published: 19 July 2017 at 08:44

Welcome to the July 2017 Update of what's happening in learning, teaching and assessment.

Below is a list of upcoming CPD opportunities. It’s summer so we’re preparing for our programme for Semester 1 2017/18 as well as our Active Learning Conference.
If you have any contributions for the next update, please drop us a line at by Wednesday 2 August.

CPD opportunities

Introduction to Team-Based Learning (Chelmsford) with Uwe Richter
Wednesday 6 September

Introduction to Team-Based Learning (Cambridge) with Uwe Richter
Thursday 7 September

Active Learning Conference
Monday–Tuesday 11–12 September

Course leader workshop: Using data to drive quality enhancement (2) with Dr Adam Longcroft and Dr Toby Carter
Wednesday 13 September

Writing for publication with Professor Mick Healey
Tuesday 24 October


Active Learning Conference – Masterclasses (Free to ARU staff)

We’re hosting the Active Learning Conference taking place on 11–12 September in Cambridge. Masterclasses take place on 11 September, 14.00–17.00 and can be booked on Agresso. Please only book one masterclass as they run simultaneously. Below are descriptions of the masterclasses. Search on Agresso using the keywords below.

Effective task design for active learning (TBL) – search for ef_taskdes 
with Simon Tweddell and Beck McCarter, University of Bradford 

We should adopt active learning strategies to make best use of our time with our students so it is crucial that the tasks we set effectively deliver high levels of student engagement and challenge students to apply their learning. 
In Team-Based Learning (TBL) we use the simple but effective 4S model to structure our tasks. This workshop will be delivered in a TBL format so that participants can explore the anatomy of 4S task design, experience at least two types of active learning tasks, and develop and use criteria to review tasks. Finally, we will share a peer review tool to aid future task development and signpost further resources. 

The Goldilocks Zone – Asking the right questions for active learning (Technology-Enhanced Active Learning – TEAL) – search for gold-zone 
with Professor Simon Lancaster, University of East Anglia 

Prof Lancaster believes that the success of all active learning pedagogies depends on the nature of the questions we ask. Active learning is not about finding out what our students know but about providing opportunities for them to learn something new. To achieve this, a question needs to be conceptual in nature, requiring not recall but understanding and application. It also needs to be pitched at the right level. Too easy and everybody can answer. Too hard and nobody can answer. By employing questions in “The Goldilocks Zone”, we can lever the social dimension of the lecture theatre experience to collectively construct understanding. In this masterclass, we will discuss how to ensure the answers we select surface all the misconceptions. We’ll explore approaches to question co-creation with students and the forging of learning partnerships. Above all, Prof Lancaster practises what he preaches and the masterclass will be highly interactive. 

Up and running with SCALE-UP – search for scale_up 
with Jane McNeil, Michaela Borg, Ellie Kennedy and Zena Rashid, Nottingham Trent University 

SCALE-UP is an active learning approach where students learn concepts using online materials before they come to class, and then apply them in a series of enquiry-based, problem-solving activities in the sessions. 
In 2013, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) became the first UK University to pilot SCALE-UP in an institutional, multi-disciplinary project. Today, we’re also interested in the possibilities of using SCALE-UP alongside other active learning pedagogies to address unexplained disparities in progression and attainment. 

Turnitin releases new document viewer, Feedback Studio

Turnitin will release an update to the Turnitin Document Viewer in August 2017. The updated viewer is called Feedback Studio. It retains the same assessment functionality that has always been available, but with a cleaner, fresher look. They have also improved the resolution of documents that are opened in Feedback Studio, and advise that text will appear crisper and clearer than before, even after you zoom in closely. More information about the changes can be found on our Turnitin GradeMark page.

Did you know?

Our annual Learning and Teaching conference took place on 27 June in Cambridge. We’ve now gathered the slides, resources and videos from the day as well as the photographs and the illustrations by Matthew Brazier, Natalie Eldred and Farah Iqbal.
Date for your diary: Next year's learning and Teaching Conference will take place on 26 June in Chelmsford.

Call for contributions

8th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education
Closing date: 21 July

International Conference on Blended Learning
Closing date: 24 July

3rd International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technologies
Closing date: 20 August

International Conference on e-Society, e-Learning and e-Technologies
Closing date: 20 August

4th International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL)
Closing date: 15 September

Journal of Applied Social Theory (JAST)
Closing date: Unknown

Research in Learning Technology
Closing date: Unknown

Higher Education Pedagogies Journal
No closing date

No closing date


Association of Learning Technology – blogs
Editing and co-authoring for online publication
Technology Enhanced Learning – a literature of hope or despair?
Can teaching excellence be promoted through the development of digital capabilities?

Higher Education Academy
[Toolkit] Transnational education toolkit

Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)
[Blog] How do you create university for students?
[Report] Reality check – A report on university applicants’ attitudes and perceptions

[Guide] Developing organisational approaches to digital capability
[Report] Student digital experience tracker 2017: the voice of 22,000 UK learners
[News] Higher education students not prepared for digital workplace

Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
[Blog] Academic freedom: autonomy in higher education

New Media Consortium
[Report] Horizon Report – 2017 Higher Education Edition – Emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning and teaching

[Report] Digital capability and teaching excellence: an integrative review exploring what infrastructure and strategies are necessary to support effective use of technology enabled learning (TEL)

Social Market Foundation
[Report] On course for success? Student retention at university

Unite Students
[Paper] Student Resilience – Exploring the positive case for resilience

University of Greenwich
[Journal] Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching – Special TEF Edition


Teacher Training Videos by Russell Stannard
Advanced Edmodo

Transforming Assessment
MapMyProgramme – Developing the holistic student assessment experience – Dr Mark Kerrigan, Director of Learning & Teaching, FMS, ARU



Active Learning Conference
Date: 11–12 September
Location: Cambridge

Annual Learning and Teaching Conference
Date: 26 June 2018
Location: Chelmsford



NET2017 Conference – 28th International Networking for Healthcare Education
Date: 5–6 September
Location: Cambridge


Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship Conference
Organisation: University of Sheffield
Date: 20–21 July
Location: Sheffield


ALT M25 Learning Technology Group meeting
Organisation: Association for Learning Technology
Date: 24 July
Location: London

ALT Learning Spaces SIG meeting
Organisation: Association for Learning Technology
Date: 28 July
Location: Sheffield

The ICBTS 2017 International Academic Multidisciplinary Research Conference in London
Organisation: International Conference on Tourism, Transport and Technology
Date: 14–16 August
Location: London

Safeguarding against extremism in higher education
Organisation: Public Policy Exchange
Date: 5 September
Location: London

Annual conference 2017: Beyond islands of innovation – how Learning Technology became the new norm(al)
Organisation: Association for Learning Technology
Date: 5–7 September
Location: Liverpool

RAISE 2017 – Perspectives on student engagement: looking forward…thinking back
Organisation: Researching, Advancing & Inspiring Student Engagement
Date: 6–8 September
Location: Manchester

International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference
Organisation: IEEC
Date: 6–8 September
Location: Glasgow

Social Media – a platform on which to build an academic identity
Organisation: Society for Research into Higher Education
Date: 8 September
Location: London

The 1st EAI International Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education
Organisation: EAI
Date: 11–12 September
Location: Canterbury 

24th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL)
Organisation: ADTEL
Date: 12–13 September
Location: London

Digitally Engaged Learning
Organisation: UAL
Date: 14–15 September
Location: London

Enhancing student mental wellbeing in higher education
Organisation: ModernGov
Date: 27 September
Location: London

Lifelong and Flexible Learning – The benefits, barriers and opportunities for individuals and society
Organisation: Policy-UK Forum
Date: 12 October
Location: London 

8th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2017
Date: 16–17 October
Location: London

Where next for Degree Apprenticeships?
Organisation: Westminster Employment Forum
Date: 18 October
Location: London

3rd International Conference on Frontiers of Educational Technology
Organisation: ICFET Committees
Date: 21–23 October
Location: London

Organisation: Wonkhe
Date: 6–7 November
Location: London

Developing Teaching Excellence: Supporting and developing the work of groups and teams
Organisation: SEDA
Date: 16–17 November
Location: Cardiff

International Conference on Blended Learning
Organisation: Saudi Electronic University
Date: 21–23 November
Location: Saudi Arabia

SRHE Newer and Early Career Researchers Conference
Organisation: Society for Research into Higher Education
Date: 5 December
Location: Newport, Wales

Creating a culture of inclusivity for disabled students
Organisation: Policy-UK Forum
Date: 12 December
Location: London

2017 Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference
Organisation: Sheffield Hallam University
Date: 19 December
Location: Sheffield

2018 International Conference on e-Society, e-Learning and e-Technologies
Organisation: ICLST Committees
Date: 10–12 January 2018
Location: London

4th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning
Organisation: Association for Development of Teaching, Education and Learning
Date: 11–12 April 2018
Location: London

Inside Government

The future of the Research Excellence Framework
Date: 28 September
Location: Manchester

Widening Access and Improving Social Mobility in Higher Education
Date: 15 November
Location: London

Tackling Sexual Violence and Harassment in Higher Education
Date: 30 November
Location: London

Westminster Higher Education Forum

Improving Apprenticeships in England – quality, assessment and options for policy
Date: 5 September
Location: London

Meeting England’s higher-level skill needs – where next for Degree Apprenticeships?
Date: 18 October
Location: London

Technology in Higher Education – data analytics, the learning experience and next steps for MOOCs
Date: 18 October
Location: London

Where next for higher and degree apprenticeships?
Date: 18 October
Location: London

Quality assurance and standards in legal services - professional competence, advocacy standards and consumer protection
Date: 29 November
Location: London

Next steps for improving mental health provision at university
Date: 7 December
Location: London

The future of Transnational Education - opportunities, quality assurance and priorities for supporting growth
Date: 16 January 2018
Location: London