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26 November 2019

Twitter and other social media can be a powerful way to enhance teaching and learning; particularly for making professional contacts, promoting work, sharing ideas, and getting students more involved with course content – and each other.

26 November 2019

Have you successfully completed and disseminated the findings of a pedagogical research project during the last five years at ARU or another university? If yes, we’d like to recognise your commitment to enhancing teaching and learning with an ARU Associate Teaching Fellowship.

6 November 2019

“Diversification of the curriculum offers students a wider approach to their learning, incorporating opportunities to explore key themes from diverse perspectives. It can be approached in various ways, including through an examination of reading lists, academic sources, class resources, language and biases,” explains Dr Linda Brown ahead of a brownbag session open to all colleagues on ‘Mending the gaps.’

5 November 2019

“As a university with a diverse student population, we have a strong commitment to inclusion in learning and teaching,” says Julian Priddle, Anglia Learning & Teaching (AL&T). “Curriculum enhancement is a key part of addressing any ‘disadvantage gaps’ where unintended obstacles may prevent some students from achieving their full potential.”

31 October 2019

There is a strong drive across ARU and UK Higher Education to improve equality for students from diverse backgrounds. One priority is the attainment gap, where students from some ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged backgrounds experience worse outcomes than expected.

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