Why attend an online Open Evening?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Course: MA Dramatherapy
Category: Music and performing arts

2 March 2021

There's nothing more valuable than getting a feel for a particular university when you’re thinking about studying there. I can’t pretend that this is particularly easy with the way the world looks at the moment but I can tell you that, at ARU at least, it’s not a hard as it first might seem!

Over the past few months, ARU has been running online Open Evenings for all of their postgraduate courses. An online open evening comprises of a series of online sessions, which you can dip in and out of and which are run to give prospective students, like you, the information they need to make up their mind about studying with us.

So, this blog will outline all of the reasons that I think you, and anyone thinking about studying at ARU, should log on and attend one of our online Open Evenings soon...

Get the lowdown from students

First of all, I think that there is infinite value in speaking to current students when you’re thinking about studying somewhere.

At an online Open Evening, this is just one of the things that you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home. You can ask questions about the course itself, maybe if there are any good books to read before you start, or you can ask about living around ARU and about the cosiest pubs, best galleries and cutest coffee shops. It’s completely up to you but students will be on hand to answer any of those burning questions that you just can’t ever find the answers to online!

Meet your tutors

A second reason why you should attend an online Open Evening is so that you can meet your future lecturers and tutors. Just as before, you can ask them any questions you have; maybe about applications, maybe about a particular module or, maybe even about your future career prospects with your chosen course or degree. You may also receive a short presentation from your lecturers which should give you a nice feel for the course as a whole.

Ask questions

You can also have all your non-course related questions answered by staff teams in the University. Maybe you’ve got questions about fees and funding, an accommodation query or a disability that you might need some support with? At every online Open Evening there is a ‘room’, outside of your course-specific session, for these conversations and for you to get the support you need and deserve.

Address your anxieties

Last but not least, starting any educational course at a time like this is challenging; everyone is anxious and everyone has worries. Attending an online Open Evening, and connecting with others in your shoes, can only ever be helpful in allaying your, completely natural, anxieties.

So, there we have it… Just my top four reasons to attend an online Open Evening at ARU this trimester. Just because we’re all staying safe and have to meet online at the moment, that doesn’t mean an Open Evening should be any less helpful, or enjoyable, as before.

Hope to see you online soon. Stay safe everyone!


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