The opportunities ARU has given me


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies
Category: Education

6 March 2019

During my time at ARU, I have tried to grab all the opportunities thrown my way as not only are they a fantastic experience for me and my CV, but they have helped me grow in confidence as an individual.

Student Ambassador:

I joined the Student Ambassador team in 2018. Helping with Open Days, Campus Tours, setting up events and much more. During my first year I was too scared to take that step into giving myself anymore responsibilities but after learning how to manage my time and workload, I thought I would give it a shot. It is one of the best jobs that a student can have when at university. I meet so many people when I am on a shift and the staff members are full of life and want us to enjoy ourselves as well. The pay is great, and the hours are flexible, it works perfectly around my degree.

Digital Student Ambassador:

The reason you’re reading all of my fabulous blogs is because I was given the opportunity to become a digital ambassador. Anyone can apply but working hard for the Engagement team meant they thought I would be a good recommendation. It felt so empowering and cool that I was actually asked to do this because now I get to share my experience with new students or potential students of ARU.


Societies are club’s that people can join that are for a specific hobby or interest, for example the yoga society. I am part of a few societies, but I mainly participate in events by the Sustainability society. I truly believe they work hard to improve sustainability across the university and I am proud of the efforts they go to for change. Events and weekly activities get put on by all societies and I don’t even have to buy a membership to go to one session, everyone gets the chance to trial the society beforehand. Societies offer opportunities such as first aid courses, for humans and marine animals. Opening up a whole new world of qualifications to get and hobbies to try.

Research assistant:

Opportunities don’t just stop at your faculty. I’m working with the faculty of science to help improve courses. This is an amazing opportunity and one that will help me in my future career in research. It is fun and exciting to see student feedback and also feel like I’m helping to make a difference to student’s courses and wellbeing.


As a Primary Education student, I get opportunities to attend educational conferences to help my essay references, CV and career goals. Through these conferences I can meet and network with people who do what I want to do in the future. These are all really helpful and they don’t stop on my course either, across the university I can attend conferences for an affordable price that I know will benefit me. Giving me the opportunities to progress and guide my self-development. ARU gives so many opportunities to keep learning around the degree.


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