Omair Nawaz

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7 April 2017

Omair Nawaz

My name is Omair Nawaz, and I work for ARU's IT Services as an Infrastructure Engineer. My job includes providing day-to-day support, operation and management of ARU's IT Network infrastructure. In a nutshell, this involves connectivity of our data network between our campuses, Wi-Fi connectivity and security firewalls. I am also responsible for implementing and supporting projects which meet business requirements.

I enjoy the variety of work that my job entails and the fact that I am able to learn and develop new skills every day. The most enjoyable thing, however, is that the job empowers me to actively look for and implement ways of improving and securing our IT infrastructure.

I believe that everyone from students to staff members, regardless of their role, is contributing towards ARU’s success. I believe that my job is no exception, as I work in a team which provides a robust and reliable data communications and Network Infrastructure which plays a key role in our student’s overall success. Helping to provide excellent Wi-Fi coverage throughout our campuses providing students the opportunity to access the internet and online materials they need, helps them achieve their educational goals. The popularity and success of our ‘Get IT Sorted’ sessions are also indicative of how efficiently we are contributing towards student’s success.

I am really proud of successfully completing my MSc Computer Science here at ARU. It was hard work to juggle between work, study and life but I am now reaping the benefits of all the hard yards I had put in. I learned valuable skills while studying at ARU, so it is certainly the highlight of what I have achieved whilst working here.

I embarked on an incredible journey of working at ARU in 2008 and I’ve cherished every bit of it. I’ve come up the ranks and I am working in a role which I enjoy. I work in an amazing team where everyone supports and complements each other. I’ve met some wonderful staff and students and made some good friends. I feel extremely privileged and honoured to be part of the ARU community, where everyone is working towards a mutual goal of making student’s experience here at ARU a success.

With hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You only achieve what you dream of. Make your dreams big, so you can aim to achieve BIG!


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