Learning to learn again

Jodie Davey

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice
Category: Allied and public health

17 October 2014

The Learning to Learn module was something I underestimated in importance (honestly, I struggled to see its relevance at first) – but only a few weeks in I can already see it’s possibly the most important module in my whole career. Being awoken to my learning styles as a ‘reflector’ – so I like to think through and gain knowledge but lack oomph to start (thus why I’ve taken 4 days to write this post) – helped me to see my flaws. Realising where I struggle has promoted me to change my style; I am a lot more organised and writing lots of notes. Before this I would never have realised how much of a procrastinator I am.

Changing my theory study methods has made me ponder my practical learning techniques. Working with a variety of people, I’m drawn to more animated teaching and really enjoying giving things a go. I work more kinetically so I’ve tried to change all my learning opportunities into more kinetic styles. Rather than being told where something is/how something works I ask to be shown, I’m visualising in my mind the process of things; spider diagrams are becoming my note-taking of choice (it’s all in the drawing of the diagram than the content to aid memory) and questions revolve around a ‘show and tell’ action so equipment links to actions. Fortunately I have a mentor whose teaching is in line with my style; I respond extremely well to congratulatory high fives.

It’s made me look back on all my learning in the previous years and really evaluate where I excelled, where I failed and why I got a little bored in previous jobs lacking stimulus.

I strongly recommend finding your VARK learning style; you can find a questionnaire and advice on the VARK website.


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