How I prepare for my optometry exam


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Vision and Hearing Sciences
Course: BOptom (Hons) Optometry
Category: Vision and hearing sciences

18 December 2017

Find out how I prepare for my optometry practical and written exams.

Practice makes perfect
The labs will be open for students to practice at certain times. Just make sure it is open before you pop in. The times will be posted on VLE or outside the lab.

Image of sign on door with time Optometry clinic is open for practice

Ask before you panic
Do ask your lecturers and they will give you a clear instructions.

Watch the video
The textbook comes with videos of the eye tests/ assessments. If you think it is not enough, you can also search on YouTube.

Use flow charts and diagrams

Image of flowchart

Colour your notes

Colour can improve your memory. For biology base modules, you may need to identify quite numbers of veins, arteries or even different chambers in our eyes. Colour can help you separate them clearly which help to memorise.

Image of study notes and colourful pens

Practice on old exams
There are lots of previous exam papers on the ARU library system or the module link. Also, I would suggest you revise the questions that are provided at the end of each lecture.


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