Our People: Grant Dawson

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2 November 2021

In my role as a Security Officer, I help to keep our Chelmsford campus secure, making sure all of our staff, students and visitors are in a safe and friendly environment.

Grant Dawson

I first joined ARU during the pandemic when the country was in a complete lockdown. During this time I didn’t see any students or staff on campus. However, over the last few months we’ve slowly welcomed more people back to campus. As a team we’ve had to adapt to lots of new procedures, and the introduction of one way systems on campus means we’ve had to change the way we complete our patrols, which can be challenging.

The first week our students returned was difficult, as we had to introduce them into a new environment and ask them to follow COVID-19 restrictions, like making sure only one person was in a lift at all times, and wearing a face covering indoors.

My day to day duties haven’t changed too much during the pandemic, as the university is still open. As a team we unlock all of the buildings in the morning, and as most buildings are still quite empty, we’ve stepped up our patrols during the day to provide extra security. We also have lots of contractors on site most days, so as part of my role I also deal with their requests.

We still lock up and secure the campus at the same time each day. As a team we also conduct night shifts on campus, with regular patrols to make sure our buildings are secure. We also provide a backup service to the residential assistants when required.

I believe our role has a big part to play for the success of our students. Our students need to know they can work in a safe environment on campus, as it helps them study in peace. As a team, we’re very approachable, and I hope our students know they can come to us if they need any help or have any concerns.

I’ve always been a very outgoing person who is happy to help anyone, and so far everyone I’ve met at ARU has made me feel really welcome, including our cleaners, contractors and staff. During my time at ARU I hope to gain more knowledge and skills to enable me to succeed in my role. There’s a family feeling across the campus, and it’s a really friendly place to work. I hope to have a long and successful career at ARU.

Outside of work I am married and have two sons aged 11 and 15. I don’t think there’s any bigger achievement than being a parent, and I want to bring up my sons to the best of my ability. Nothing in the world gives me greater satisfaction. My sons and I live for football, and on the weekends when I’m not working we spend our time training and watching matches. I also enjoy going to the gym and walking our little dog. I’m not one for pubs and clubs and I much prefer a nice meal out with friends and family.

Finally, if I could offer one piece of advice to people, I’d tell them to be kind. Treat everyone you meet with the same respect as to how you would like to be treated. I think if everyone could do that, the world would be a much better place!

This post is part of the AUDE Covid Heroes campaign, which runs from 1-30 November 2021 and recognises the achievements of university estates and facilities teams throughout the pandemic.



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