Other eye research

Staff in our Vision and Eye Research Institute are involved in projects investigating glaucoma, myopia and short-term visual memory performance – as well as clinical guidelines for optometrists.

Clinical management guidelines for optometrists

Optometrists can manage a number of common eye conditions, informed and supported by evidence-based clinical management guidelines that are regularly updated.

Visual short-term memory

Using unfamiliar objects, we've shown how visual short-term memory is affected when deprived of support from visual long-term memory.


Our myopia research looks at optical factors associated with myopic progression, as well as potential treatments such as vision training and specially designed contact lenses.

Glaucoma: investigating management of primary angle closure and treatment

During this trial, one eye of patients with primary angle closure was treated. Patients were followed up and some received further treatment or monitoring.

Learning difficulties and dyslexia

We're researching visual stress in children with developmental disorders, visual function in those with autism and deafness, and colour as an intervention for children with  learning difficulties.