Children's vision

Dr Sarah Waugh, Dr John Siderov, Dr Ebi Osuobeni, Dr Monika Formankiewicz, Yvonne Norgett, Izzuddin Hairol, Vineela Varikuti, Norsham Ahmad, Sarah Lalor. 

Current activities

  • Processing of luminance-modulated and contrast-modulated visual stimuli

  • Relative position processing and stereopsis

  • Crowding in spatial vision

  • Binocular combination of luminance, contrast and colour images

  • Accommodation and eye movements

  • Visual acuity chart considerations for better detection of amblyopia

  • Paediatric visual acuity chart design

  • Colour Vision

  • Visual Electrophysiology

  • Sickle Cell Disease, Amblyopia, Paediatric Vision, Nystagmus


We have made significant contributions to the understanding of spatial vision for images defined by both first- and second-order characteristics such as luminance and contrast, e.g. determining mechanism sizes for detection, revealing cross-links between processing streams and examining their binocular combinations, including binocular lustre effects. These are important for current and future models of both normal and anomalous vision. We have also been involved in applied studies, e.g. investigations of visual acuity chart design for the assessment of vision in children, anomalous visual conditions and in other languages. Besides contributions to the literature in basic vision science, we have contributed to clinical literature in conditions such as nystagmus, amblyopia, sickle-cell disease and colour vision anomalies.


Evelyn Trust £78,000K

UKEIRI (British Council) £55,000

Summer Research Scholarships (Nuffield Foundation, Wellcome Trust, College of Optometrists)

IPRO, small grant fund - College of Optometrist £6,6431


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Osuobeni, E.P., Okpala, I., Williamson, T.H. & Thomas, P. (2009) Height, weight, body mass index and ocular biometry in patients with Sickle Cell Disease. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. 29: 189-198.

Siderov, J., Chiu, S.C. & Waugh, S.J. (2001). Differences in the nearpoint of convergence with target type. Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics. 21:356-60.