The effect of environmental stress on patients with glaucoma (ENCOGLAP)

Person with their head in a headrest undergoing eye examination

It is well known that some glaucoma patients' eyes feel irritated when using glaucoma eye drops. We aim to examine whether environmental conditions increase this discomfort – and consequently increases non-adherence to the glaucoma treatment.

ENCOGLAP (Environmental Conditions in Glaucoma Patients) is an EU H2020 MSCA IF funded project that is being developed in the Vision and Eye Research Institute (VERI). We are evaluating, using a Controlled Environmental Chamber, the effects of environmental stress on the ocular surface in glaucoma patients using glaucoma eye drops compared to healthy subjects.

We are also evaluating objective optical quality using the OQAS and performing several tests used in clinical practice for dry-eye disease diagnosis, such as the Schirmer test, Phenol red test, FBUT or tear osmolarity. In addition, we're using some techniques that are still under research, including ocular thermography, blinking rate assessment, or a new device developed in our laboratory to evaluate tear stability.

In addition, subjective questionnaires are being used to assess subjective adherence to glaucoma treatment, and to evaluate if the subjective symptoms of dryness and discomfort may enhance or decrease depending on the conditions that the subjects are exposed to.

Professor Shahina Pardhan
Dr Nery Garcia-Porta
Dr Juan Tabernero