Rashida Haque

Rashida Haque

Second-year BA (Hons) English Literature

My name’s Rashida, and I’ve just finished my second year studying English Literature.

I chose English Literature for the sheer love of it. I’ve always enjoyed literature – and as the course here ranges from Anglo Saxon right through to the modern period, there’s lots of variety.

One of the reasons I chose Anglia Ruskin was that it meant I could study in Cambridge. Something I’ve always wanted to do, and studying in Cambridge means I can still live at home. So I get the best of both worlds – family life and university life.

Long-term, I’d like to teach – maybe even teach English as a foreign language in another country – but first I want to do a Masters in English Literature here at ARU. There are three lecturers who’ve really made a difference to me – John, Lizzie and Val. They’re amazing – they’re so passionate about English literature. I feel extraordinarily lucky that they’re my lecturers.

I love the uni experience. In my first year I was course rep, which was interesting and a lot of fun, plus I got to meet lots of different students and made some friends outside my course.

If you want to come to Anglia Ruskin, then I’d say do it – and study English Literature, because it’s the best!

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