Nicholas Carter

Student blogger Nicholas

Second-year BSc Zoology

Hello, my name’s Nicholas, and I’m studying Zoology.

I’ve always been interested in animals, so when I found out about this course, I went for it. One of the best things about studying Zoology here is we get to go on trips around the world for fieldwork. For the module on zoo enclosure design, we went to the Netherlands visiting four zoos. We compared and contrasted the designs – looking at it from both the animals’ and public’s perspective. Now I can’t go to a zoo without doing that in my mind!

I love studying here. Everyone is open and friendly. Lecturers are always supportive and it’s such a good atmosphere – I really enjoy it. I have favourite lecturers, those that really inspire me. Alvin Helden, who’s my personal tutor, has such enthusiasm for everything he does. He’s really into invertebrates, and especially loves insects. If he sees a beetle, immediately he’s out with his camera to photograph it. And there’s Paul Elliott, who’s amazing at speaking to groups. He’s so engaging and invites everyone in. He has such confidence and he commands an audience. That’s something that I really admire and want to be able to do one day.

I’ve been involved in two societies, the Wildlife Society and Roots & Shoots, where I was a Committee Member. The Wildlife Society is for general interest in wildlife, and Roots & Shoots is Anglia Ruskin’s branch of Jane Goodall’s own institution, concerned with conservation and the environment. I really felt taking on so much responsibility as a Committee Member did me and my confidence good.

When I graduate I’d love to go into wildlife conservation to help make a difference to endangered species. It’s exciting because it could take me anywhere in the world.

I did a foundation year before studying for my actual degree, and I was so impressed with ARU that I didn’t go to any other open days. This is a great university that’ll meet your expectations – it’s certainly met mine.