Hannah Rose Bunten

Hannah Bunten

BA (Hons) Writing and Film Studies

Hi. I’m Hannah, and I’ve just finished my BA Writing and Film Studies degree, which I loved.

I joined Anglia Ruskin through Clearing, and it was such an easy process: I saw the course I wanted to do, got on the phone and spoke with someone, and that got me an interview, which went on to getting me a place on the course.

I’m really passionate about writing and about film making, so studying them both at the same time was brilliant. A real plus was how inspiring my lecturers were. Most of them are specialists in their field and are very passionate about what they do, it definitely filters through to us students, and they encourage us to be just as passionate about what we’re doing, too.

Everyone at ARU is so friendly that you feel like part of one big family. My course had a cross over with lots of other ones, which meant I got to meet plenty of people from different courses and backgrounds. I’d say that being part of such a great community is the best bit.

My ambition is to teach. I’m going on to study for a Masters in Fine Art here, then I want to do a PhD so I can become a lecturer and inspire others, the way I’ve been inspired.

If you’re thinking about coming to Anglia Ruskin, I’d say just come here, because it’s brilliant!

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