Aqila March

Student blogger Aqila

MSc Biotechnology

Hi, I’m Aqila. I came to Anglia Ruskin in 2011 through Clearing, and did my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science – I’m proud to say I’m studying for a Masters in Biotechnology.

I chose my first degree subject because at school I really liked science especially biology – so I figured that was the direction to go in. And now that I’ve been studying with Anglia Ruskin for four years; everything’s so familiar. The lecturers know who I am and I know who they are; I can approach any of them at any time to get any questions I need answered.

My course is really great. The lecturers are really passionate about their subjects and that filters through. I come away feeling just as passionately as they do about the course and what I’m studying.

In my second year I joined the kickboxing club, I was nervous at first because I’d never done anything like that before. But I met some really great people who became good friends.

Living and studying in Cambridge is amazing! Cambridge has got so much culture, and it feels so safe – don’t get me wrong, if you want to go clubbing you can still do that, and it’s safe. I live in a converted hotel, which has 18 rooms and four kitchens - it’s ideal.

When I graduate I want to be a research scientist, but with this degree I’ve got so many options.

If you’re thinking about coming to Anglia Ruskin, just come. It’s great – you’ll love it.

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