Amy Kyle

Student blogger Amy

First-year BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’ve just finished my first year studying Paramedic Science. I’ve always wanted to become a paramedic and come to university so this was the perfect choice for me.

Studying at ARU is great. Our lecturers are fantastic. There are two who’ve really inspired me. Anthony Kitchener and Alan Bell are our paramedic course leaders and they’re really enthusiastic about what they’re teaching.

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in the last year. I love being in the classroom but placement is like nothing else, you see so many people every single shift. Rarely seeing the same person, but sometimes finding connections between your patients. Each and every patient is different, you have to work out what you think may be wrong in a timely manner and deal with it appropriately. It’s a taste of the real work and doing a job that makes a real difference to people’s lives. You do a series of shifts with your mentor and spend 24 hours a week with them until the course finishes.

The course opens so many doors for you; paramedics are really progressing in their profession. Being a degree-based paramedic gives you the opportunity to move on. You can go on to do a Masters, or even a PhD. Before any of that, you get a placement with a real crew, so you can see whether you like it and if it’s for you before committing to the job.

When I graduate, I want to come back and do a Masters in Critical Care. If anyone asked me about applying to Anglia Ruskin, I’d say, ‘do it’ it’s been brilliant.

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