Studying at university in September 2020: FAQs

On this page, you'll find information about studying at ARU in September, accessing classrooms, libraries and other campus facilities, and making use of our student support services.

Our first priority is to keep you safe, and to make sure you're supported to start (or continue) your studies.

Student experience

What steps will be taken to keep me safe on campus?

What will ARU do to ensure students feel part of a learning community?

It's important that I have opportunities to make friends while at University. What opportunities will I have to do this?

Will the Students' Union be open?

I'm a level 3 student. Are there any specific requirements that affect me?

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Teaching and learning

If I choose face-to-face teaching, will I have to be on campus every day?

If everyone chooses face-to-face teaching, how will you ensure social-distancing is possible?

If I miss a face-to-face teaching session, can I join the online teaching instead?

If I choose face-to-face teaching, can I change my mind and learn online?

If I choose online learning, can I change my mind and join the face-to-face teaching?

How will you ensure that online students get the same value for money as blended-face-to-face students?

If I can only access my course online, will it be equivalent to being there in person?

What opportunities will I have to collaborate and learn alongside my peers?

How can I learn with my peers if I can only access my course online?

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How will my assessments be affected?

How will assessment deadlines be affected? How about resits?

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Specialist areas of teaching and learning

What if my course has a practical element such as specialist skills sessions?

Will I be disadvantaged if I can’t attend a face-to-face or practical session?

What if I need to use specialist facilities on campus for my course?

Can I still do a lab-based or field-based Major Project?

Will my mode of study affect my PSRB accreditation status?

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Learning resources and contact time

How can the University support me if I am working from home?

What kind of IT/computer equipment will I need to learn online?

What if I do not have the access to the equipment I need at home?

Will I be able to use the library and the computer rooms when I am not in timetabled sessions?

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General advice and support

How can I access advice and support from Student Services?

Will the iCentre be open in September?

What support is available for financial hardship?

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Health and wellbeing

I think I will need additional support for my mental health when I come back to ARU, is there a service available to support me?

Does the Counselling and Wellbeing service only see students for university-related difficulties?

Will you have a sports programme from September?

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Study skills

How will face-to-face appointments with Study Skills Plus be carried out with social distancing restrictions?

How do I book an appointment with Study Skills Plus?

Do you have Study Skills workshops available?

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Disability and dyslexia support

How can the Disability and Dyslexia Service support me?

I have a diagnosed disability/specific learning difference, but I cannot get evidence at the moment. What should I do?

I think I have dyslexia. What should I do?

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I’m unsure about accommodation for September. Will it be safe?

What choices will I have for accommodation for September?

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Work experience and placements

How can I get help finding a graduate job, work experience or some careers advice?

I want to do a placement, is this still possible?

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Degree apprenticeships

I'm studying a degree apprenticeship. What are the arrangements for September 2020?

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Studying abroad

I wanted to study abroad as part of my course. What are my options for this now?

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Advice for international students

If I choose to study online in Trimester 1, will I still need to apply for a Tier 4 visa?

Can I get a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) if I choose to study online for the first trimester?

Why do I have to meet the Tier 4 visa requirements to complete registration for Trimester 1 if I am going to study online?

Will I have to pay a deposit if I choose to study online?

If I choose to study online in Trimester 1, will I definitely get a visa for Trimester 2 starting in January 2021?

Can I still come to the UK and study the face-to-face option in September?

If I choose face-to-face but do not get my Tier 4 visa in time, can I start my studies online and then change to face-to-face?

I am going to study (or am currently studying) an online pre-sessional English course and need a Tier 4 visa for September. When will I receive my Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)?

I am a Tier 4 student. If I start my studies online and my visa is refused, will you issue a second CAS?

If I start my studies online and cannot obtain a visa, can I complete my course online?

If I decide I want to study online for the duration of my course, can I?

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