Hearing Aid Audiology - a case study by Wioletta Krukowsk

Guest posts

Course: FdSc Hearing Aid Audiology

8 May 2018

I am very happy with the Hearing Aid Audiology course. It helped me to improve my knowledge and existing experience in audiology field.

The lectures are led in a very interesting way by friendly and easily approachable lecturers. It is a distance learning course, thus most of my experience has to be gained at the workplace, but there is plenty of time to practice new skills in the labs during residentials. You have to be prepared for an intense course and plan all assignments in advance to avoid too much stress before the submission deadline.

I am very satisfied that I am about to finish the course, because I have learned a lot during tutorials, writing assignments and preparing presentations. It also helped me gain knowledge in my practice during appointments with patients.

Wioletta Krukowsk
FdSc Hearing Aid Audiology