Studying the science of happiness

Course: MSc Applied Positive Psychology

7 July 2017

I first discovered positive psychology through the parenting programme 'Positive Discipline', by investigating positive education, then through books and meeting experts in conferences.

Understanding and being able to apply the science of happiness became purposeful to develop my work with impoverished people, and to strengthen a flourishing relationship with my family.

I chose this Master's because it teaches applied science, most topics are of great interest to me, and the faculty and students come from different backgrounds and have different nationalities. The week-day formula for the modules helps me keep a balanced life with my family (I am married and mother of three boys aged nine, ten and 12. I live in Paris, France). The University also offers a large range of support and services available online and off campus.

The access to incredible people and scientific studies is a real eye-opener. The teaching and the assignments has challenged my critical thinking, [while] the different modules broadened the possible applications of positive psychology. I created new tools and interventions which I used straightaway and saw the immediate (or beginning) benefits. I strongly believe this Master's in Applied Positive Psychology is effective in all professional sectors.

Sarah Corait