Studying business in a vibrant environment

10 November 2017

Jan is a visiting exchange student from the Czech Republic, studying at our Business School in Cambridge. He reflects on the things he most enjoys about studying at ARU.

I enjoy the professionalism of the teachers and their broad knowledge about the subject. Most of them worked in the industry so they are able to demonstrate the theory with examples from real life. Another big advantage is the diversity at the Business School which allows a lot of intercultural exchange.

What I enjoy the most about ARU is the range of available support. I personally really enjoy the possibility to improve my language and presentation skills, or sharpen my critical thinking. For the matter of finances, there is the Employment Bureau sending weekly job alerts, so there is always the possibility to earn some pocket money... I would like to mention the presence of counselling and wellbeing service where students can talk about exam anxieties, relationship problems or any worries. It is a good feeling to know that in case of any problems I have someone independent to talk to.

My favourite part of my non-academic life is the opportunity to go to the gym, which is located at the campus. Also I do really enjoy the broad resources in the library as well as the collection of programme-related books, it gives the opportunity to broaden the knowledge beyond the curriculum.

Since I’m studying at the Business School I do not need a lot of course-specific facilities. However, tutorials are usually held in the computer rooms so we are all able to access common documents and work on the projects, as well as use needed software, for example for Project Management.

I would recommend the course to anyone who would like to get general overview about the business environment, with the desire to study in a vibrant and growing environment.

Jan Hofman