Rosie Brand MSc International Social Welfare and Social Policy

Course: MSc International Social Welfare and Social Policy

18 July 2019

It was the incredibly broad nature of the curriculum which surprised me the most. Moving quickly between micro-finance to fast fashion, climate change and research methods, to state but a few of the vast areas of interest to be explored within this course.

The globalisation module was incredibly broad and interesting, requiring considerable understanding of sociological methods I had not previously studied. The broad mixture of sociology, criminology, international relations and the core modules have given me a diverse range of ways to approach any research question and improved my development of policy-making recommendations.

The module also gave me a far wider appreciation for global affairs, and showed me not to take things at face value. I enjoyed studying the differences between developing and developed nations, and the policy initiatives with real potential to improve things such as grassroots organisations and understanding new models of thinking less conducive to the westernised perspective and more broadly international in nature.

I have an interest in creating policy toward mitigating existential risks to humanity, with a particular focus on the societal impacts of existential catastrophes. The course has enabled me to focus and learn about policy-making, but has also shown me just how interesting research can be, which was unexpected.

I enjoy a broad scope to my learning and the course and its teaching style have been excellent; the support provided by the Course Leader and dissertation supervisors has also been excellent; and the student community welcoming. For the most part staff have gone out of their way to support and inspire me as a student throughout my time at ARU.

The course has also given me the confidence to seek work experience and internships in my area of interest, which has fine-tuned my aims for the future and helped my development and course trajectory immensely.

Being fairly local to Cambridge, and commuting in from home has been invaluable to making this course a functional possibility for me. Studying further afield would not have allowed me the same opportunities. I have made several good contacts in the academic field and good friends from my course. There was also visit to Chatham House in London as a part of the international institutions module - we attended a speech and had a tour of the house.

Finally, I have been able to attend several talks on subjects relevant to my interests which I would not have found without the useful contacts I gained within the University.