Learning who I am as a designer

Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

2 November 2017

What I like most about my Graphic Design course is the close connection to the industry and the valuable relationships we can form.

[Those relationships are] not only with our tutors and teachers, who are also practicing designers and artists, but also with a range of design agencies and studios that brief us and work with us in the second year.

I have not only learned about the process of designing and technical skills, I have also learned who I am as a designer, how I work best, what inspires me and how I can inspire others. It was great to find out about how the industry works, how I can get myself out there and which career options there are in the future.

After graduation I am hoping to develop my skills further working in a design agency, discovering what type of studio environment suits me. After getting enough experience I would like to start my own studio and work on jobs that really suit me and my style, challenging myself as a designer and hopefully contributing to making this world a better and more beautiful place through design.

Klara Block