Going beyond the text books

Course: MA Human Resource Management

8 December 2017

Rita, who's originally from Kosovo, is studying in Cambridge for a Masters in Human Resource Management. She shares her experiences of studying at ARU, and living in a famous university city.

The content of my Masters course is what I like, especially the professors, who go beyond the text books and teach us the practical aspect of human resources, because management is way more than theory.

This course is CIPD accredited, therefore, by the end of the course we will earn a CIPD certificate as well, which is an important benefit related to my course.

As a short-term goal, I am committed to acquire the knowledge to become a successful human resources manager who seeks to create a good, safe and equal working environment. 

As for my long-term goal, I will expand my HR expertise by relocating out of my home country and accepting international challenges. I believe such an experience will differentiate me and open up opportunities to take my career to an entirely new level.

I would most certainty recommend this course to anyone who is interested in the human resources aspect of management.

In my non-academic life, I am also part of the societies at Anglia Ruskin, which is giving me the opportunity to meet new people. And I love everything about Cambridge. It’s one of those places, crowded with students, that gives you a positive energy by just walking around the city.