Constructing new languages in science fiction

Course: MA Science Fiction and Fantasy

5 November 2018

I’m the only student in the UK studying constructing new languages at Masters level right now – that’s exactly the kind of niche study that my course provides.

I’ve been writing science fiction for many years and wanted to take an MA, so this course was uniquely applicable to my interests.

The blended learning delivery has allowed me to live at home in Essex while studying a subject about which I'm extremely passionate on a course based in another county.

The residential in Cambridge allows us to access useful resources, such as museums and vast libraries, that can provide insight and inspiration that the internet simply can’t.

Working with lecturers and students who all have the same passion as you is infinitely inspiring, and the expertise of the lecturers and guest speakers is an invaluable resource in helping us to develop in the field.

The course also teaches you the intricacies of the publishing industry, which is extremely helpful for an aspiring author as it allows me to approach them from a place of understanding.

Ben Johnston