Your student ID card

ID card

You'll need your Student ID card to record your attendance in lectures and it'll give you access to our University Library, accommodation and other facilities on-campus.

To get your Student ID card ready before the start of your course, we need you to provide a head and shoulders photograph. We will accept selfies!

Once you've completed your registration, you'll be able to upload a high quality photo of yourself so we can get your Student ID card ready for the start of your course.

We recommend you do this as soon as you can to avoid any delays when you arrive. This photo will appear on your ID card and on your student record for the duration of your course.

Uploading your photo

1. Login using your full username

You'll need to login to be able to upload your photo. If you haven't done this before, please watch the video below.

2. Upload your photo

Click the link below to login and then follow the instructions to upload your photo.

Upload your photo

What next?

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