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How to apply for the Disabled Students' Allowance

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To access the DSA you need to apply to your funding body. This will be the same organisation from which you are receiving your normal student funding.

For applications to Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland or Student Awards Agency for Scotland visit the Gov.uk website.

Contact your Disability Officer for applications to other funding bodies including research councils. Do not send your original medical evidence to the funding body only a copy is required.

Once your funding body approves your application for the DSA they will ask you to attend a study needs assessment. You should contact us at this point to organise an appointment to meet with one of our assessors in order to discuss your needs and to identify strategies that will assist you in overcoming your difficulties.

Am I eligible to apply?
What medical evidence do I need?
When can I apply for the DSA?
Do I have to disclose my disability to my institution?
Do I have to have a study needs assessment?

The Needs Assessment