Meet the Student Services team

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On your journey with you

We’re here to support you and help you develop your skills for the future.

Student Services is made up of several teams, and we'll give you all the support you might need including support with your wellbeing, help with managing your money, preparing for work, study skills and more.

Our support is available to all students. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on campus or studying from home, we’re still here for you and you can contact us in the way that suits you best.

When teaching starts in September 2020, we’ll be on campus and you’ll be able to arrange to meet with our teams. We’ll be following safety guidelines and adjusting how we offer support to you as guidance changes, but we’ll always be able to help you whether you’re on campus or studying at home.

If you’d prefer not to come on to campus or are studying at home, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any activities or support. You’ll still be able to make appointments to speak to an adviser via video calls and attend live events online. Our Counselling and Wellbeing Service, for example, holds regular live workshops online. You just register and then ‘attend’ the one to one session or workshop online. You’ll receive the same level of support you’d get if you were seeing us face to face on campus.

Our students will tell you how useful our virtual appointments have been:

“It’s so surprising how easy it is to connect via video calls. Getting together with someone from the comfort of my own home seems so natural.”

"Getting in touch with the Faculty Office and iCentre either through email or phone has never been easier. Within the day responses have made working from home a treat!”

Contact us

AskARU or drop in to the iCentre

If you have any questions you can ask us online at AskARU which is your way to access a load of information about university life. You’ll find helpful information about funding, managing your deadlines, things to get involved in, your course, and lots more. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can submit a question which will be answered by one of the team. If you're on campus you can also drop in to the iCentre and see us face to face.

Personal support

We’re here to help you look after your wellbeing with both face to face and online support from our Counselling and Wellbeing team, and extra help with your studies from the Disability and Dyslexia Support team.

Get help with your money

If you’re struggling with your student funding or need advice on how to take control of your money, talk to our Money Advice Service. You can get advice on funding, benefits, other sources of income, managing your money and lots of other finance-related issues. If it’s extra cash you want, ARU Temps will help you secure paid part-time work to fit around your studies.

Develop your academic skills

Study Skills Plus offers workshops, one to one appointments and online resources for all aspects of academic learning development.

Academic advice and support

If you need help with your module choices or want friendly and professional guidance about your studies, speak to our Student Advisers. We’ll help you deal with any problems you have with academic life.

Get active

If you’re looking to make new friends, get active and have fun, why not try a new activity with Team ARU? You can join a sports club, take part in classes, or attend relaxed campus sport sessions.


Our Chaplaincy is available to all students irrespective of faith or commitment. It’s here to support your learning experience, including any spiritual and personal issues you might want to discuss in confidence.