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The Trimester 1 timetable will be published on 16th August. If you register before this date, you will be able to access your timetable on 16th August . If you register after the timetable is published, you will be able to access your timetable within 5 working days after registering.

You can view your teaching timetable on e:Vision or by using the ARU App

Viewing your timetable in e:Vision

  • Log in to e:Vision
  • Select ‘Studies'
  • Select 'My timetable'
  • Select the week you wish to view

Most courses have compulsory modules for the first year, however there are a few which require you to choose your modules. You’ll find out if you need to choose any modules at your Course Induction. 
You’re expected to attend all your classes. Your course leader will tell you how to report any absences. 

Accessing your teaching timetable 

  • You must register in order to access your timetable.  
  • Once you’ve registered your timetable will be available within 5 working days, unless you have registered before the publication date. 
  • If you have studied at ARU before and are returning to take a new course, you will have a new student record. It will take up to 5 working days to create your timetable for your new course once your new student record is available.  
  • You will still have the same student number, but you will have a new record for your new course. When you log into e:Vision on the home screen you’ll see a light blue box with your name, email and course name. If your most current course is not listed, please select the 'change your current course session' box. This will allow you to change your view, so you can see the record for your new course.  
  • If you haven’t yet registered, it’s still possible to access general timetabling information on this page to help you plan ahead. 
  • To view your personal timetable, log in to e:Vision  
  • Select ‘My Studies' and you will see your timetable on the right-hand side of the home screen.  
  • The timetable defaults to the current week, so if teaching hasn’t begun yet, you will see a blank screen.  
  • You can select the week you wish to view, or you can choose to view by Trimester. If your timetable is the same most weeks, you will find the Trimester view easiest. If your classes change a lot week to week, you might find it easier to view a week at a time – it can look confusing seeing a whole trimester of classes in one view.  
  • Make sure you view your timetable for each week so that you don’t miss anything, as your timetable may vary weekly; some classes do not run every week or may run for different lengths of time.  
  • Depending on how you’ve opted to study, your classes will be face-to-face on campus, or online. Your faculty will provide details about how to log into online classes.  
  • Your timetable could change if your faculty needs to re-arrange any classes (for example, due to staff illness), you will be advised by email if there are any changes.  

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