Support with learning difficulties

Student getting support

We welcome disabled students and we will do all we can to support your success. 

Student Services offers information, advice and specialist support to students with disabilities, including mental health difficulties, ongoing medical conditions and specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.

You'll initially be offered a place by our Admissions Team on the basis of the entry requirements and your academic potential to successfully complete your course.

However, while your application is being processed we recommend that you tell us if you have a disability or additional support needs. We can then contact you as early as possible about the support we can offer and reasonable adjustments we can make, to help you to make an informed decision about your chosen course. Some of the things we can help with include exam or timetabling adjustments, and access to facilities.

We'll prepare a Statement of Reasonable Adjustments with you. This helps to make sure you can access your student experience on an equal basis to non-disabled students or, where this is not possible, with minimum disadvantage.

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Disabled Students' Allowance

You might also find you’re eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA), which can be used for equipment and support to help you to complete your course. Take a look at the DSA website for more information, or contact us if you’d like to talk it over.

You can have a needs assessment – sometimes required if you're claiming DSA – at the Anglia Access Centre.