Right to study

The UK Government requires us to make sure you are eligible to study in the UK (often referred to as a right to study check). When you come to the iCentre to collect your ARU Student ID card, you will need to bring a form of identification with you.

During lockdown

Please be aware that due to the current national lockdown, you should only collect your ID card if:

  • you are currently being taught on campus (most courses are being taught online and therefore do not need an ID card)
  • you live in campus accommodation that requires an ID card
  • you live close to campus and need to use facilities that require an ID card.

You MUST NOT travel unnecessarily at this time. Please contact icentre@aru.ac.uk if you are unsure.

Collecting your ID card

You're able to collect your ID card from the iCentres on campus – please check our opening times and allow plenty of time.

If you’re studying at Guild House you’ll be contacted directly regarding ID card collection.

Please upload a photo in advance and make sure you bring a form of identification with you. Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • a passport
  • European Union residency card
  • driving licence
  • birth certificate
  • a valid visa (if applicable).

If you won't have this documentation with you when you arrive on campus, or you've chosen to study online, we ask that you upload a copy of your identification when you complete the Registration Task. If you already uploaded a copy of your identification when you applied to ARU, you won't be asked to do so again.

We will ask that when possible you bring in your form of identification in to our iCentres for scanning.

If you have any questions please contact us at icentre@anglia.ac.uk

Staff will be there to help you through the process on campus.

What next?

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