Be Your Own Boss webinars

Line drawing of an office chair, with the words 'Be Your Own Boss' on the backrest

Our Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) webinar series aims to help take your bright idea from concept to reality.

The webinars cover everything from how to build a great business, to how to pitch your idea in front of a boardroom or live audience.

These free evening webinars are open to all students. Whether you want to take your business ideas further or advance your skills to support and shape your career, our sessions can help.

Our speakers

Delivered by successful entrepreneurs from a wide range of fields, these webinars will give you invaluable hands-on tips and advice on team building, presenting, pitching, marketing, video production and much more.


It's not what you know, it’s who you know.

Networking can provide you with a wealth of opportunities. It may be the most important time you will spend with your peers to create connections for the future. That’s why we make sure there's time after each webinar to network with other students, speakers, academics, or business owners.

We advertise upcoming sessions on the ARU Career Centre website (login required).