Be Your Own Boss seminar series

Our Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) seminar series aims to help take your bright idea from concept to reality.

The seminars cover everything from how to build a great business, to how to pitch your idea in front of a boardroom or live audience.

These free evening seminars are open to everyone, including students, staff and businesses. Whether you want to take your business ideas further or advance your skills to support and shape your career, our seminars can help.

Our speakers

Delivered by successful entrepreneurs from a wide range of fields, these seminars will give you invaluable hands-on tips and advice on team building, presenting, pitching, marketing, video production and much more.


It's not what you know, it’s who you know.

Networking can provide you with a wealth of opportunities. It may be the most important time you will spend with your peers to create connections for the future. That’s why we make sure there's time after each seminar to network and enjoy refreshments with other students, speakers, academics or business owners.

2019/20 seminars

To book your place, visit BYOB Cambridge or BYOB Chelmsford.

All seminars run from 5.30–7.30pm.

Spotting new opportunities
Taking your idea and testing it
10 October 2019
Room COS 310
17 October 2019
Room SAW 101
Idea validation
How to make sure your business will succeed
24 October 2019
Room COS 310
31 October 2019
Room SAW 101
Email and social media marketing
How to make your online presence known
7 October 2019
Room COS 310
14 November 2019
Room SAW 101
What is a social enterprise?
So you're thinking of setting up a social enterprise...
21 November 2019
Room COS 310

28 November 2019
Room SAW 101

Managing the finances
Financial advice and identifying funding opportunities
5 December 2019
Room COS 310
12 December 2019
Room SAW 101
Perfecting your pitch
Gaining the confidence to sell yourself and your business
30 January 2020
Room LAB 006
6 February 2020
Room SAW 101
Going it alone
Self-employment, freelance and sole trader
13 February 2020
Room LAB 060
20 February 2020
Room SAW 101
The business-planning canvas
Bringing it all together
27 February 2020
Room LAB 006
5 March 2020
Room SAW 101
Entrepreneurial mindset
Seizing opportunities for self-development
12 March 2020
Room LAB 006
19 March 2020
Room SAW 101
Speaker expert
Know how to hold an audience
26 March 2020
Room LAB 006
2 April 2020
Room SAW 101


What ARU students say

“I enjoyed all of the seminars I’ve been able to attend. They were a wealth of information and all free!“

“Managing finances, creating business plans and spotting new opportunities were frightening before I started on the Be Your Own Boss seminars. Now I have gained a lot of confidence.”

“Each element of the series is vital for any business growth, I have seen my business ideas take shape after the series and have moved from just dreaming to acting.”

“I have run an online radio station for ten years and could not grow it but now, with the skills acquired, we are able to move beyond the technical/engineering skills to running the station as a business.”

“Business-running skills are crucial to all, particularly engineers with our kind of thinking and training.”

“Enrolling for the seminars has been the best thing I have done for myself in the past year. [I'd] encourage everyone who is serious about business to enrol so that their dreams become a reality.”