Events and activities

REC (The Residences Recreational Programme)

University life can sometimes get a bit stressful so we work with other support services, such as the Students’ Union and Active Anglia, to make sure there are plenty of activities, close to your halls, to help you have fun and relax. 

Previous events have included pumpkin carving, Christmas card making, egg-tossing and games nights. We're happy for you to suggest ideas for events, too. Check out the chalkboard calendars in your halls and follow us on Twitter for up-to-date information about events happening near you.

Eco Residents

Often student accommodation offers rent that is fully inclusive of bills so it’s easy not to think about your energy consumption. However for the benefit of the planet, we are keen to help ARU students be savvy with their energy use and do things like recycle and use green transport methods. Also, the less we pay on energy bills, the more money we can put towards improving our accommodation or other more exciting projects!

We run awareness campaigns throughout the year. See the Environment Team web pages for more information and competitions.